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The Animal-Lover’s Dilemma: I Don’t Eat Meat, but My Pet Does

When moral philosopher Gary Steiner first adopted his cat Pindar, the vet advised him to put the cat to sleep. A rescue animal, Pindar had tested positive for FIV (feline AIDS) and feline leukemia, and has since developed other chronic health issues, including kidney disease. Steiner decided to keep Pindar, triggering an ethical dilemma he […]

We’re on the verge of an Ebola vaccine that works

World on the verge of an effective #Ebola vaccine — WHO (@WHO) July 31, 2015 ECDC welcomes this progress and hopes it will help achieve zero cases in the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa — ECDC (@ECDC_EU) July 31, 2015 Read more… More about Science, Africa, World Health Organization, Us World, […]

Is Earth’s Closest Cousin a Dying Planet?

Last week, the human race met its very first Earth-like planet orbiting a Sun-like star in the habitable zone. Kepler-452b’s discovery was met with resounding excitement, but the news was bittersweet. Because life on this distant world — if it exists at all — could be facing imminent extinction. Read more…