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What Prince George is thinking, as imagined by a BBC correspondent

Anyone tuning in to the BBC to watch Princess Charlotte’s christening on Sunday was subject to that bemusing experience, when the broadcaster’s royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell decided to narrate Prince George’s inner monologue. “Why is that man in a suit following me,” said Witchell, “and why are all these people staring and waving?” It was […]

Kit Harington’s hair at Wimbledon gives hope to ‘Game of Thrones’ fans

Kit Harington with his brother Jack at — Jon Snow (@LordSnow) July 2, 2015 After everyone got over their initial glee, people started to take note of his appearance. Kit Harington at Wimbledon today, still with his luscious locks #itsasign #GoT — Rachel West (@RachWest) July 2, 2015 Read more… More about Uk, […]

The Internet is going wild for this Wimbledon spectator’s epic hairdo

This guy’s epic hair. Impressive ‘do’. Not something I would ever have myself. But it is inventive. It’s quite a large hair cut #Wimbledon — josh (@j_vine95) July 2, 2015 Seriously, look at that hair. @98FM This guy at Wimbledon now. :satisfied::satisfied:. His hair is a fire hazard in that heat :fire::fire: — […]

Coldplay’s Chris Martin played a surprise show in a small Delhi bar

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