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WhatsApp offers lifeline for Syrian refugees on journey across Europe

Along the way, many migrants and refugees have begun to communicate using private messaging on WhatsApp. They share advice, providing a way for those making the risky journey to securely communicate with one another in private groups. They exchange messages about their experiences at border crossings, who to contact to smuggle them and what paths […]

Windows 10’s Wi-Fi sharing feature is really clever, but just got a bad rap

Microsoft is rebutting claims that an upcoming Windows 10 feature could leak your Wi-Fi password to strangers. A new feature on Windows 10 called Wi-Fi Sense allows your Outlook, Skype and Facebook contacts to automatically access your Wi-Fi network. For example, rather than having to ask a friend for the Wi-Fi password at their home, […]

These packages turn your mailbox into a mysterious portal to another dimension

Inspired by dark fiction like stories from H.P. Lovecraft, the Mysterious Package Company mails the recipient — usually someone chooses to bestow a mystery on an unsuspecting friend or family member — a series of letters or paper clippings. The company goes for full immersion, so each piece of the puzzle looks deliberately ancient, as […]