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Bill Nye reads mean tweets about himself, hilariously shuts down science-hating trolls

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‘Doctor Who’ boss just blew up your theory about Maisie Williams’ character

“I think it’s worth saying, as it keeps coming up as an issue: she’s not playing a returning character,” said Moffat, speaking at a panel for the show during the Television Critics Association press tour. “She’s a brand new character.” Read more… More about Television, Doctor Who, Entertainment, Tv, and Game Of Thrones

Discovery wants science lovers to dip their toes back into the waters of Shark Week

In past years, however, discussion about Shark Week took a turn for the negative, as scientists, conservationists and the public showed displeasure with Discovery’s programming, which they said emphasized shock value over education. Yes, we’re looking at you Megalodon. But the network hopes this year marks a changing of the tide, as it moves Shark […]

Kit Harington’s hair at Wimbledon gives hope to ‘Game of Thrones’ fans

Kit Harington with his brother Jack at — Jon Snow (@LordSnow) July 2, 2015 After everyone got over their initial glee, people started to take note of his appearance. Kit Harington at Wimbledon today, still with his luscious locks #itsasign #GoT — Rachel West (@RachWest) July 2, 2015 Read more… More about Uk, […]

Marisa Tomei is going to play a lesbian billionaire on ‘Empire’ Season 2

Whiteman is a Forbes list-level billionairess who “loves hip hop music, social trends, high-end fashion and beautiful women.” Because Empire. The character is set to appear on a recurring basis. The role is Tomei’s first regular TV gig since appearing on FX’s Rescue Me. In case you’ve missed the updates, the smash hit’s second season has […]