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Mozambique burns world’s biggest rhino horn seizure in demonstration against poaching

Mozambique has long been embattled in a poaching crisis that saw a dramatic decline in the nation’s elephant population. According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, a recent survey shows that the number of elephants has dropped 48 percent in just the last five years, from a little over 20,000 to just around 10,300. Rhinos, on […]

Painkillers and antidepressants ‘widespread’ in Sydney Harbour

Also discovered in the samples were the narcotic-like pain reliever, tramadol; the beta blocker for heart conditions, propranolol; the X-ray contrast agent, iopromise; and the anti-seizure medication, carbamazepine. An artificial sweetener has also been detected, but no antibiotics have been captured. All the drugs were recorded in low levels. Read more… More about Australia, Us […]

A look at China’s distinctive color-changing rocks

The stone formations originated underwater, later rising above sea level following tectonic shifts. The natural elements and 450 million years of erosion gave them their striking wavy texture. The rocks are also known to change hues with the weather and seasons, with a deep rusty red being their most distinctive, hence the park’s other name, the “Red Stone Forest.” Read more… […]

South Carolina Gov. Haley says church shooting will forever change her outlook

For five years, Gov. Nikki Haley, South Carolina’s first minority governor, dismissed calls to remove the Confederate battle flag from the Statehouse lawn as a divisive issue far from her agenda. In her 2010 campaign, she said the two-thirds legislative approval required to move the flag from its 30-foot perch was too high a hurdle […]