Where time stands still: Inside an 89-year-old watch repairman’s NYC shop


Al, an 89-year-old watch repairman in downtown Manhattan who prefers to keep his last name to himself, is excited about the Internet.

“I’m on there now. I’m on that and I’m on Yelp!” he tells Mashable.

He talks emphatically, but barely ever looks up from desk, which is covered in dozens of watches and watch repair tools. He has six to fix in the next two hours. Though his hearing is somewhat damaged, his eyes work as well as ever. All he needs is a small magnifying glass, affixed to his right eye, and his tools.

When he speaks, his voice is draped in a thick Brooklyn drawl, the kind that comes from being born and raised in the area’s Windsor Terrace neighborhood. He still lives there, in a house he bought decades ago and settled into with his wife and three children, Diane, Mark and Al Jr. Read more…

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