Why it’s so hard to figure out how much Donald Trump is worth


Keeping Donald Trump honest about his net worth seems to be a full-time job

In the past week, two more publications have jumped in, even though Trump shows no signs of backing down from his estimate that he is worth $10 billion or even more. Trump recently told the Daily Mail that he’s worth “much more than $10 billion.”

Let’s just say that reasonable minds can disagreeForbes has been waging a 32-year war against Trump’s exaggerations, the New York Times has long raised its eyebrows at his bizarre estimates, and Bloomberg has now jumped into the fray

The saga continues

For years, people have been trying to estimate Trump’s net worth, and each time he has reacted with, shall we say, passion. A New York Times writer gave it a shot, and Trump tried to sue. Forbes, which has been guessing at Trump’s wealth for 32 years, estimated it at $2.9 billion in 2011, and Trump objected that he is worth $7.1 billion — as he has objected every year, the magazine said, always pushing for a higher number. This year, Forbes pushed back again: when Trump estimated he had a $9 billion fortune, Forbes countered that he was inflating the numbers by a full 100%. Read more…

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